Susanne Stauch

Impact Week in Nairobi, Kenia

Very much looking forward to participating as a design thinking coach at the Impact Week in July. It is a program uniting people from a variety of countries to develop sustainable business models using different innovation techniques like Design Thinking and Business Model Generation.

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Hacking Utopia – interdisciplinary project with GWK, Edgeryders’ research project #OpenCare and Startnext, UdK, Berlin

We had a very intense 3 day kick-off workshop in Sauen with 11 product design and 10 GWK students diving into the topic of #OpenCare and how this relates to hacking, people on the move, mental resilience, food cultures and their own lives. The project is contributing its research and design results to the project OP3N CARE, which is funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 framework programme. We have very ambitious goals: working interdisciplinary within the university and in collaboration with the online community Edgeryders, this project is rooted in a real world context. StartNext is another partner, offering us input and support to create high quality campaigns to crowdfund the design results. Those will be shown at designtransfer, UdK in July 2016 and in a final exhibition of the research project in Milan and London in 2017. Another great opportunity for the students is the chance to apply for a fellowship to get further support on their ideas, e.g. by CERN. To find out about the project, visit the  OP3N Care Community for deep content and interest in the research or the Hacking Utopia website for a general overview of our project work



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Berlin – Wielkopolska Design Innovation & Exchange Programme by IDZ

Ake Rudolph, the coordinator of the exchange program invited me to participate in a 2-day event at the Concordia Design Center in Poznan, Poland. After half a day of talks by German designers and Polish companies there was a small exhibition with a selection of Berlin designers: Joa Herrenknecht, Rupert Kopp, delikatdesign, e27 and myself. We introduced our work following a match making session between us and the Polish companies. Very interesting contacts have been made in these short but focused pitches. The next day some of us stayed to assist in a design thinking workshop that was lead by Iwona Gasińska-Mulczyńska. As a design consultant and group lead it was very exciting to observe the participants and their reactions to my advices. A great chance to practice my learnings from the the systemic coach training and of course refresh my design thinking knowledge from the D-school back in 2009.

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