Susanne Stauch



GOLDPRODUKT contemporary jewellery and lifestyle products
Design and goldsmithing work since 1999. Wedding ring classes.

ISOPT parametric porcelain with integrated insulation technology
This project is questioning the traditional collection of a full porcelain set and takes into account the nomadic lifestyle, where having less is one of the main issues. Functional changes, technological improvements as well as the integration of the user into the design process enables suitable amounts and shapes of these every day items.

RESONATE stream to own
It is the world’s first cooperatively owned streaming music service.

SHARiNGtheCiTY sustainable community building
social innovation research project in Berlin and Brussels.

SUPERNOV.INSTITUTE empowerment through design
formats, methods and workshop for personal empowerment ECA

TRANSPARENCY GRENADE critical engineering cooperation
project by Julian Oliver. Design and manufacture of the object.