Susanne Stauch

NOW FUTURE – Dutch Designweek in Eindhoven

With a couple of students from my “Hybrids & Identity” class and a group of students who took the class “Misfits” by Prof. Katja Thoring, we headed off to the Dutch Designweek over the weekend. It was my first time and I was very inspired by the open and critical approaches we encountered, I have always been a big fan of Droog and the Eindhoven was full with this spirit. My favorite designs were material and color experiments, one researched the reaction of oak and iron, a material connection carpenters should avoid because the acid of the oak reacts with the iron and creates stains. Here it was used to create beautiful patterns and leave color traces on purpose. The other project was working with the intense red color of beetroot. Porcelain vessels were put into the colored liquid and soaked in the red color. Very unique and beautiful. One of the “Misfits”-participants took this inspiration and created a beautiful recycle project.

>> tannic acid by Steven Banken

stevenbanken-tannic_acid_02 beet-root

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